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Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers in Middletown, OH

Being accused of Domestic Violence can be one of the toughest accusations you will ever face. The charge of Domestic Violence carries with it serious consequence and a lifelong stigma that is difficult to overcome. Moreover, because of the close relationships involved and the nature of the charge, Domestic Violence cases are filled with high emotion and stress. Unfortunately, whenever police officers are responding to the scene of a domestic violence dispatch, they usually take one of the parties involved into custody, regardless of what has taken place or who may be at fault. Oftentimes, minor disagreements, even when no one is hurt, result in a domestic violence arrest. The resulting allegations and criminal charge of domestic violence carry serious penalties and consequences that can impact your life in various ways for years to come. Even if the other party recants the allegations or wishes to not move forward with the accusations, the prosecuting attorney will often proceed with the domestic violence charges.

Although Domestic Violence typically occurs between spouses, under Ohio Law the term “domestic” can apply to any of the following who is residing or has previously resided with the accused:

  • Spouse, person living as a spouse, or a former spouse;
  • Child;
  • Parent;
  • Any other person related by consanguinity or affinity to the offender;
  • Family or household member;
  • Spouse who has otherwise cohabitated with the offender within five years of the date of the offense

Domestic violence charges are extremely serious and require a skilled attorney to assist you with your case.

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