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Implementing a Name Change with the Help of Attorneys Serving Middletown, Hamilton, Lebanon in Ohio

Our lawyers get your name changed quickly and conveniently

Various events motivate people to change their names. Most commonly, a divorce leads a woman to take back her maiden name, or a stepfather’s adoption of his step-children results in the minors’ names being changed. Changing your legal name is not complicated, but does take attention to detail, precise compliance with Ohio statutes and a court appearance. Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little name change attorneys practice in the courts of Butler, Warren, Preble, and Montgomery Counties. We have helped many clients change their legal names quickly, easily and affordably.

Ohio name change process

The application to change your name must be published in a newspaper at least 30 days prior to your court hearing. The notice itself must identify the court where the application for the name change was filed, along with the case number and the date and time of the hearing. The application for a name change is filed in the Probate Court and must state:

  • That the applicant has been a resident of the county for at least one year prior to applying for the name change
  • The reason the change of name is being sought
  • The requested new name

Some criminal and juvenile offenses bar a name change, and in cases where a name change is sought due to a threat of physical harm, the court may seal the records of the name change. If either of these situations applies to you, then you should consult with our confidential and respected family law attorneys about solutions that we can craft for you.

When a name change is sought for a minor child, the petition must also be accompanied by the written consent of both living and legal parents. If a parent does not consent to the requested name change, then notice of the hearing must be given to that parent via certified mail with a return receipt. If a non-consenting parent cannot be located or identified, then publication of the petition in the newspaper suffices as legal notice to that parent.

A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate must also be filed with the petition for the child’s name change. Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little group of experienced litigators can assist you in overcoming the challenges that may arise from a non-consenting parent’s objections.

Change your name conveniently and affordably

Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little’s dedicated attorneys file all the necessary paperwork, meet the publication requirements and attend your hearing for an affordable flat fee in the courts in Middletown, Hamilton, Liberty Township, Franklin and other jurisdictions in Ohio. Contact us online or by telephone at 513-424-1660 to get started.