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Let Our Ohio Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys Protect Your Assets

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into by a couple in contemplation of marriage. Such agreements generally address property issues in the event of divorce or death, but can address other matters as well.

At Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little we can draft a prenuptial agreement that will fulfill all your needs and complies with all Ohio legal requirements.  A prenuptial agreement can be used as a way to protect the inheritance of children from a prior marriage or relationship and/or to protect the assets of a spouse who brings a substantially greater amount of property to the marriage.  Furthermore, a prenuptial agreement identifies and clarifies each party’s separate property so that in the event of divorce the separate nature of the property need not be proven in court. Also, a prenuptial agreement can limit a spouse’s right to the other spouse’s premarital property upon his or her death.

Our experienced lawyers can help you identify what concerns you want to address and will draft a prenuptial agreement that reflects your choices and protects your interests.

Consult with a trusted attorney with experience in prenuptial agreements

Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little prides itself on its compassionate and individualized service to the areas of Butler, Warren, Hamilton, Montgomery & Clinton Counties. We can listen attentively to your concerns and create solutions that meet your needs. Our family law attorneys are qualified to handle all aspects of prenuptial agreements.

Otherwise known as a premarital agreement, a “prenup” can ensure that your personal wealth and any inheritance for your children from a prior relationship are protected. Additional benefits of prenuptial agreements include reduction of litigation costs and acrimony in any subsequent divorce or dissolution. Prenuptial Agreements can address such contentious issues as:

  • Who receives what property;
  • Description of separate and marital property and retention of said property;
  • Whether or not spousal support is awarded, and if so, how much and for how long and to whom;
  • How marital debts are allocated;
  • How retirement accounts, investments, stock options and other income-earning funds are divided.

Contact our dedicated legal team in Middletown, OH

Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little can advise you on how best to draft your prenuptial agreement so that both you and your future spouse are satisfied with the protection afforded to your assets. Come in today and let the lawyers at Combs, Schaefer, Ball & Little assist you in drafting a prenuptial agreement tailored to your needs.